BHRI: Februrary News Roundup

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BHRI received high marks from the Arizona Game and Fish Department on a proposal to restore and enhance the stability of a pond just outside of Patagonia, AZ, where threatened and endangered fish can thrive while the pond continues to serve as a swimming hole, and long-term bird monitoring and restoration demo site. Funding is contingent, but BHRI has begun non-native fish removal and processing, algae and other plant material removal for compost, and sealant and rock infrastructure additions and planning for summer 2013. The project has already received funding from anonymous local citizens for part-time Patagonia high-school summer interns to work on the project’s installation and monitoring components.

BHRI hosts a multi-partner Southeast Arizona Grasslands [SEAGrass] group meeting at El Coronado ranch in the Chiricahua Mountains. Partners agree on strategies to share information on upcoming proposals, ongoing work, challenges and opportunities but agree that maintenance of a social and technological network is challenging for anyone present to assume short or long term.

The Trust for Public Land hired BHRI to conduct an extensive bio-assessment of large ranches at the foot of the Chiricahua Mountains near Fort Bowie. Data gathered included detailed botanical, geological and avian information combined to provide an ecological site assessment and a report on restoration potentials and needs.

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