BHRI: March News Roundup

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Warm days require the Native Seeds greenhouse doors open all day. Personnel cobble together a combination of pallets, barrels, broken saw horses, and scrap wire mesh to create an open-door barrier that will keep a curious horse and mule away from emerging plants. It works!

Vegetation surveys of the Sonoita Creek watershed, from Sonoita to the east edge of Patagonia Lake, continue with BHRI staff recording data from the field, and USGS participating with watershed modeling to identify possible restoration sites that combine vegetation and hydrology components.

BHRI staff visti the Ladd family properties in the Hereford NRCD, southeast of Sierra Vista, AZ. Extensive sacaton bottomlands are being eroded, with enormous chunks of giant sacaton and alluvium calving off 25ft banks with each rain storm. BHRI agrees to look into restoration potentials in association with BLM, NRCS and other interested parties.

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