BR Sows 1,362 Pots in Chiricahuas

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Valer, Kate, Molly and Steve Sow 1,362 pots at El Coronado

Kate, Valer, Molly and Steve sowed 1,362 native plant seeds in the winter greenhouse at El Coronado Ranch in the Chiricahua Mountains. These seeds were collected from two locations in the Chiricahuas: on site at El Coronado and from Ruslter Park above 8,000 ft. And the grown plants will be used for ecosystem restoration in the Chiricahuas and throughout Southeastern Arizona.

The unique greenhouse at El Coronado uses no external inputs for heating. It’s a pool house shaped like a boomerang with windows on the small angle of the boomerang (which happens to face south). The warmth accumulated throughout the day is stored in the pool water and released at night, meaning the inside of the pool house turned nursery maintains a balmy, humid temperature. Automatic sprinklers moisten the young seeds to reduce human labor need.

We sowed many plants, including these species: Geranium caespitosum, Sisyrichium longipes, Monarda austromontana, Lobelia cardinalis, Aquilegia desertorum, Mimulus cardinais, Ipomopsis mccombii, Potentilla thurberi, Gaillardia pulchella and Silene laciniata

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