Huachuca Agave and the Babocomari Ranch

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Photo Credit: Gooch Goodwin -

Photo Credit: Gooch Goodwin –


Here Caleb collects and processes some Huachuca Agave (Agave parryi var. huachucensis) along a draw in the Babocomari Ranch.

The Huachuca Agave is an important energy source for migrating nectar-feeding bats, including the Lesser long-nosed bat (Leptonycteris yerbabuenae). Clusters of these agave are often associated with pottery sherds, suggesting that indigenous peoples of the region may have planted these agave for use. We found evidence of ancient hand tools along nearby hilltops, supporting the theory that people have been living along the Babocomari for a long time.

The Babocomari Ranch has been supporting livestock since Europeans first settled what is now Southeastern Arizona in the 16th and 17th centuries. Its boundaries still follow those of the original land grant from 1832. It supports the Babocomari River, which is a major tributary of the intensely studied and remarkably bio-diverse San Pedro River. This river also marks Borderlands Restoration’s first attempt at complete river restoration – we hope to return perennial flow to this river.

Thank you, Glen “Gooch” Goodwin for taking, processing and providing this photo to Borderlands Restoration. Please check out his website for more beautiful shots of the Patagonia area at

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