Living with Nature Lecture

Posted on December 10, 2013 by Caleb Weaver in Uncategorized

Caleb at TAS Lecture

Here’s Caleb presenting the good word of Borderlands Restoration to a group of eager folks at Tucson Audubon Society’s Living With Nature Lecture in Green Valley.

Caleb told stories of projects past and present while explaining the unique approach we take to habitat restoration. He spoke of our goal of implementing a restoration economy to not only the town of Patagonia, but to all areas we are lucky enough to be involved with restoration projects.

He also mentioned what YOU can do for pollinators: plant a pollinator garden (check out the resource that Molly created on our website:, support a internship for youth from Patagonia Union High School with donations of $550 for a week, and volunteer with Borderlands.

The attendees asked many wonderful questions about how they can get involved with habitat restoration and how to plant native pollinator gardens. Let’s create a quilt of pollinator gardens, gas stations for migrating pollinators to fuel up on their long journey

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  • Our Mission

    The mission of Borderlands Restoration is to reconnect wildlife, land, and people in the Arizona/Sonora Borderland region by involving people in restoring the ecosystem on which we depend.

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