Historic Erosion Structures in Patagonia

Posted on January 17, 2014 by Borderlands Restoration in Uncategorized

Yesterday, members of Borderlands Restoration went on a tour of historic erosion structures of Patagonia. German Quiroga and Allyson Armstrong of the Patagonia Museum & Friends of Sonoita Creek led the tour. We hiked up School Canyon and saw a gabbion, berms, basins, and swells that were constructed in the late 1930’s by members of the Civilian Conservation Corp. This work has allowed businesses & homes in Patagonia to be safely constructed downstream of this waterway, as floodwater gets slowed, spreads, and sinks into soil instead of running downstream in a torrent and causing erosion to valuable soils. Borderlands Restoration tips their hat in gratitude of this work that we continue today with the construction of erosion structures that make life a little easier in the borderlands region. The Patagonia Museum occasionally gives these tours, find out more at http://www.thepatagoniamuseum.org/

Gabbion built by CCC in late 1930's in Patagonia.

Gabbion built by CCC in late 1930’s in Patagonia.

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