Colorado River Pulse Flow

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Diversity in the Yuma Wetlands

Diversity in the Yuma Wetlands

It seems fitting to celebrate the Colorado River today, as water is creeping towards the Delta, in response to the first pulse-flow. This is a photo of the Yuma Wetlands, a 3000+ acre restoration project underneath the ocean to ocean bridge in Yuma,AZ. What used to be an area invaded by Tamarisk or Salt Cedar is now a lush riparian area and park. Members of BR recently attended a riparian restoration workshop, held by the Fred Phillips Company at this site. At the workshop, we learned what it took for stakeholders to collaborate, design & execute a thriving restoration project that transformed an underutilized, weed & crime ridden part of the city into a place where families spend quality time together enjoying the bounties of nature. Stakeholders included city officials, mexican nationals, landscape architects & biologists, the Quechan nation, and the farming community, who at first were at odds & after much work, are currently compadres in this beautiful project. Borderlands’ representatives brought back from the workshop, inspiration & many lessons learned on how to execute restoration in our landscapes. But first, we need to bring back the flowing water – so let’s build some rock erosion structures, we’ll work on the cottonwood-willow gallery in years to come!

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