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Felix and the 2013 Corp build erosion structures.

Felix and the 2013 Corp build erosion structures.

CONGRATS to Felix Wharton, one of Borderland’s Youth Summer Interns, for receiving a scholarship from Friends of Madera Canyon! We hope his experiences with BR set him up for success in this exciting field.
“The purpose of the scholarship program is to attract young people into careers related to ecology and natural history of Madera Canyon and Southeastern Arizona. The purpose of allowing this diverse selection is to attract the best students who have a sincere desire to continue a career in natural ecology of the Southwest basin and range country and its “sky islands.” ”

Borderlands Restoration, Patagonia Public School, and local students are gearing up for year two of the Borderlands Earth Youth Corp. Returning students, like Felix, will take a leadership role this year. The program is currently looking for funding and we hope to expand the program for 15 local kids. The students get paid to connect to place by learning about and practicing restoration. Last year’s corp will be giving a talk & tour April 26 at 12:30pm at Patagonia’s Council Chambers. Contact us to learn more.

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