Huachuca Agave Salvation

Posted on April 30, 2014 by Caleb Weaver in Uncategorized
Molly and Pete thin a large Agave parryi var. huachucensis patch at the Crown C Ranch. Harvested pups will be grown out by Francesca and company at the Borderlands Restoration greenhouse located on the Native Seeds/SEARCH Conservation Farm.These special agaves flower themselves to death. As they age, sugars and nutrients are collected in the “heart” of this creatures rosette. With a final hurrah, the agave shoots up a stalk a dozen feet in the air that flourishes with hundreds of flowers dripping with delicious nectar. This important plant flowers during the migration of two nectar feeding bats, supporting them along their epic journey. Many other pollinators are supported by the sugar-packed nectar the agave produces to entice support in its reproduction. Like many plants, the agave hedges it’s bets. It also produces clones, pups that oftentimes outlive the parent.

Borderlands Restoration is excited to plant new patches of this critically important species. By creating new breeding populations we increase the ability for this species to thrive, and therefore the nectar availability for migrating nectar-feeding bats

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