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Hedgerow workshop.

Planting workshop.

Collaborative Monsoon Planting in Patagonia, AZ

Join Sky Island Alliance, Hummingbird Monitoring Network and Borderlands Restoration for a restoration planting event along Harshaw Creek.


July 19-20


Let’s get together in support of pollinators and to celebrate diversity along the Borderlands. We aim to plant a few hundred pollinator plants living on the edge in a variety of habitat types: Madrean Pine/Oak Woodland, Sonoran Desert Grassland/Shrubland, and Riparian Gallery Forest. We will discuss the importance of habitat transition zones, the nectar landscape, pollinators, and watershed restoration. The project is partially funded by Partners for Fish & Wildlife watershed restoration project.

There is an option to camp the 18th & 19th near the astounding San Rafael Valley, only a few miles from the work site. We will be working, learning & playing all day 19-20, with a potluck celebration on July19th.


To learn more or to RSVP, please contact Molly McCormick:     928-821-5100



The diversity of native plants in the Sky Islands contributes to the region’s beauty as well as provides critical resources for a wide variety of wildlife, including the birds, bats, and insects that many of them depend on for pollination services. As the climate in southern Arizona changes, these relationships may become interrupted as plants respond by blooming at different times or shifting their distribution to different microclimates. • The plants, whose seeds were collected in the Patagonia area, were grown at the Borderlands Restoration Nursery, and will be monitored for survival and pollinator use. This will inform future restoration efforts aimed at maintaining and restoring pollinator-plant relationships and movement corridors. • We will be capitalizing on the monsoon rains and water harvesting basins to help establish these plantings, which will not be irrigated. • Google Map to the Campsite Link:


FRIDAY: For Campers: Meet at Corral Canyon Campground (see directions below). The entrance will be marked with our green SIA arrow signs to guide you to the right spot. BR and SIA staff will arrive by 5pm and our field cell phone number is 520-369-1592. Be aware that phone reception in many field locations is poor. Friday evening will be a chance to set up camp, socialize, and explore. •

SATURDAY: Non-Campers: Meet at the public restrooms at the west end of Patagonia Tow Park at 7:00 am. Campers will leave camp at 7:30 to arrive at the work site. Staff from the Borderlands Restoration will give us an overview of the project history and goals. We will be planting one-gallon sized container plants, so be prepared for digging holes and carrying buckets of water. We’ll eat lunch in the field (everyone will bring their own) and wrap up in the late afternoon and return to camp with plenty of daylight left to explore the area. •

SUNDAY: Non-Campers: Meet at the public restrooms at the west end of Patagonia Tow Park at 7:00 am. Campers will leave camp at 7:30 to arrive at the work site, and get started right away where we left off on Saturday. We’ll eat lunch in the field again, and return to break camp in time for an estimated 2pm departure.


This work is a moderately-rated activity, as we will be digging in hot and exposed conditions.

• Length of work day: approximately 8 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday.

• Work sites will be located a short drive from our camp location. We may need to ask volunteers to help with carpooling.

• Expected jobs to be performed include digging holes and water harvesting basins, installing plants, and watering plants.

• This trip involves hot weather with the potential for thunderstorms.

• Tools will be provided by BR and SIA and will include shovels, hand trowels, and buckets. SIA will also provide work gloves for use.

• Vehicle notes – high clearance vehicles are recommended but not 100% necessary for this trip


• Camp gear (tent, sleeping bag and pad, flashlight, etc.) for up to 2 nights.

• Enough personal food and water for a minimum of five meals.

• Please plan to wear closed-toes shoes and long pants for working, and be sure to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, hat, and eye protection.

• Volunteer Agreement/Waiver – if they have not submitted electronically or do not have on file (only needs to be filled our once in a calendar year). Please contact Molly to obtain a waiver.


• Tools, basic camp kitchen set-up, firewood, extra water.

• Instruction/guidance, orientation


• This trip will be led by Molly McCormick from BR and Carianne Campbell from SIA.

• No dogs allowed on this outing.

• Water is not available on site, so plan to bring a little more than you normally use.

BR and SIA highly encourage carpooling and caravanning to the site. If you are coming from Tucson and would like to carpool or caravan, please contact Carianne ( to make arrangements.


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