What’s That Bug?

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Jason Botz shares his knowledge of bugs during the first "Workshop in the Garden" event.

Jason Botz shares his knowledge of bugs during the first “Workshop in the Garden” event.

What’s That Bug?” Jason Botz from USDA joined us saturday for our first “Workshop in the Garden.” Jason brought in working specimen collections from the agriculture inspector station in Nogales. We learned how to identify different types of bugs: predators, leaf eaters, leaf suckers, and more. Techniques on how to manage garden pests were shared. For example, if you want to attract beetles and other predators to your garden, add small piles of rock & brush. Check out this online resource to help you identify bugs: www.bugguidenet, Many thanks to Jason and everyone who came out to learn about bugs! Our next workshop is July 12 8am-11pm. The topic is “Are Pollinator Syndromes Catching?” We will learn about pollinator/plant adaptations from Ron Pulliam and Steve Buckley.

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