July Pollinator Conservation Events

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Hedgerow workshop.

Conserving Pollinators Together

Ahhh, the rains have come and everyone, including our plant & pollinator pals are celebrating. Come learn & participate in conserving our wild neighbors this month with Borderlands Restoration. Click on the links to learn more.
Saturday, July 12 8am-11am. “Are Pollinator Syndromes Catching?” Discussion of native plants & pollinators at the Borderlands Retail Space.
July 19-20Hummingbird Conservation Planting Event. Harshaw Creek
Saturday July 267pm. Patagonia Public Library. Some really exciting news in the world of pollinator policy is happening these days. Gary Paul Nabhan, in coordination with makewayformonatchs.org will present a talk, entitled:

“Honey, Don’t Forget the Pollinators:

Patagonia’s Potential in Playing a Pivotal Role

In President Obama’s Natl Pollinator Recovery Initiative”

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