Creating a Hummingbird Sanctuary

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This hummingbird quickly found a Lobelia at the planting site.

This hummingbird quickly found a Lobelia at the planting site.

Last weekend, July 19-20, 15 volunteers met to plant 365 pollinator plants! Collaborators in the event included Sky Island Alliance and Hummingbird Monitoring Network. Our  hearts are filled with gratitude for the hardwork and passion for this project and for pollinator conservation. It is so important that we come together to take action.
Planting list:
Anisacanthus thurberi/Desert Honeysuckle
Penstemon barbatus/Beardlip Penstemon
Oenothera elata var. hirsutissima/Hooker’s Evening Primrose
Heuchera sanguinea/ Coral Bells
Aquilegia chrysantha/Golden Columbine
Mimulus guttatus/Yellow Monkey Flower
Silene laciniata/Cardinal Catchfly
Bouvardia ternifolia/Firecracker Bush
Ribes aureum/Golden Wax Currant
Rhus aromatica/Lemonade Bush
Rhus microphylla/Small-Leaf Lemonade Bush
Monarda citriodora var. austromontana/Lemon Beebalm or Mexican Oregano

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