October 31, 2014

USFS Proposes Forest-Wide Planting in Support of Pollinators and Traditional Uses

  In September, the Coronado National Forest issued a scoping notice in support of a forest-wide project to ” (1) increase the availability of traditional …

Grasshoppers: The New Superfood?

Bug enthusiasts may have discovered that the fountain of youth & a new superfood is plentiful in our very own backyards. The thing that could …

Knowledge Exchange with Navajo & Hopi Conservationists

  By Andrea Stanley, Borderlands Restoration Horticulturist On October 29, Borderlands Restoration, Deep Dirt Farm Institute, and Native Seeds/SEARCH Conservation Farm hosted The Hopi Tribe …

News from the Native Plant Nursery

The Borderlands Restoration greenhouse has been growing. Last year we propagated 10,000 plants for use in restoration projects & plant sales. In 2015, we are looking …

A Walkabout on Babocamari Ranch – Land Healing Possibilities

Recent Tour at Babocomari Ranch sponsored by Santa Cruz Natural Resource Conservation District, Borderlands Restoration L3c and the Brophy Family.  October 18, 2014. Early  on …

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    The mission of Borderlands Restoration is to reconnect wildlife, land, and people in the Arizona/Sonora Borderland region by involving people in restoring the ecosystem on which we depend.

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