Sky Island Restoration Cooperative Annual Report Released

Photo Credits: Sky Island Alliance & Steve Buckley

Photo Credits: Sky Island Alliance & Steve Buckley

A Look at the Bigger Picture

Borderlands Restoration is proud to belong to Sky Island Restoration Cooperative (SIRC), a group of restoration practitioners whose work spans the Borderland’s region. This group of passionate folks range from non-profit groups like Sky Island Alliance to various government agencies, including the National Park Service, and endangered species conservation groups like Bat Conservation International. The coalition comes together to leverage funds, pool resources, and increase impact to our various conservation projects. The group’s first report was recently released, read about 16 watershed restoration projects going on in the Sky Island Region. 

The work of SIRC, shows how Borderlands’ 3-pillar approach to restoration: restore physical processes, restore food chains, and reconnecting land & people, weaves into the region’s greater conservation plan. Read on for a look at the bigger picture, or scroll down to read about projects BR is directly involved in.

SIRC 2014 Annual Report Press Release

SIRC Annual Report – How watershed restoration is accomplished!

Watershed Restoration: Restoring Natural Processes

Babocomari Ranch Restoration & Recharge

Harshaw Creek Restoration

Restoring Food Chains through Habitat Improvement

Monarch Waystations in National Parks

Sonoita Creek Wildlife Corridor Protection and Management

Chiricahua Leopard Frog Conservation

Seed Collection in the Madera Archipelago

Reconnecting Land & People

Community-Based Restoration: Approaches from the Ground Up


A shout out to those who help make this happen:

“It is impossible to overestimate the value of contributions made by our collective volunteers. In every project reported on, volunteers are swinging picks, digging holes, planting plants, building or geolocating check dams, and contributing good energy in a myriad of ways. Volunteers help us to understand what is possible through concerted action, what it means to work within our communities as actively engaged participants who have strong feelings about where we want to go collectively, and who are not afraid of carving new paths to get there. Along the way to the many different forms of success described in this report, we continue to witness the flowering of an ethic of care, through which prideful ownership in the value of many different kinds of ecological and social restoration are encouraged to thrive.” – SIRC Brief Introduction


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