April 30, 2015
April 30, 2015

In The Land of the Madrean Archipelago

  In Patagonia, we live tucked between Apachian Valleys and Low Hills (79a) (a transition zone between the Sonoran Desert ecoregion and the Madrean Archipelago), …

April 18, 2015

Native Plant Sale Saturday

It happens just a couple times a year. We’ll be at the BR Trading Post in downtown Patagonia from 9-3 selling plants native to our …

April 12, 2015

Volunteers Needed: Trading Post Garden Keepers

Calling all plant enthusiasts & gardeners! Help us maintain our community pollinator garden on 3rd and McKeown. Work includes periodic weeding, watering & general maintenance …

Volunteers Study Baird’s Sparrow

After a nearly 30 year disappearance, the Baird’s Sparrow, narrowly escaped receiving “endangered species” status. The grassland bird breeds in the northern Great Plains, but …

Things Left Behind

Article By David Seibert Seen in Opinion & Comment section of┬áPatagonia Regional Times, 04/2015 A pair of white shoes continues to haunt me. When I …

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    The mission of Borderlands Restoration is to reconnect wildlife, land, and people in the Arizona/Sonora Borderland region by involving people in restoring the ecosystem on which we depend.

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