Native Plant Sale Saturday

BR will be selling plants at the Trading Post in downtown Patagonia during 3 special events.

BR will be selling plants at the Trading Post in downtown Patagonia. Prices range from $5 up.

It happens just a couple times a year. We’ll be at the BR Trading Post in downtown Patagonia from 9-3 selling plants native to our watershed!

In Patagonia folks have a unique opportunity to access native plants adapted to their watershed. Most nurseries source plant materials from miles if not states away. Come see us this Saturday and restore your backyard’s native ecosystem with local pollinator supporting species. The butterflies and hummingbirds thank you!

Native plants are desert-adapted. This reduces maintenance and  your yard’s need for irrigatation (after 2 year establishment period). It doesn’t get any better than this for your pollinator garden. (Follow link for planting guidelines.)

Money raised goes to support our restoration efforts and support biological diversity and the restoration economy in the Borderlands.

A Monarch Chrysalis on Asclepias subverticillata in Canelo Hills. Look closely and you'll see that it is about to hatch, the orange and black wings are just appearing under the jade chrysalis. When this happens, the butterfly will emerge within 24 hours.

A Monarch Chrysalis on Horsetail Milkweed – Asclepias subverticillata. Milkweeds available for sale tomorrow!

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