Volunteer Wanted: Seed Collections Manager

Cleaned seeds are then stored in a moisture-free environment. The key is to seed storage is to keep humidity and temperature (in ºF) below 100 when added together. While we don't have the ability to store our seeds in a controlled temperature, we control moisture by adding desiccant packets (donated by local business and purveyors of fine footwear, Global Arts) to sealed gallon jars. Next, we send them to the greenhouse for propagation.

You can help us manage our growing collection!

Borderlands Restoration is a conservation organization with a native plant seed bank, full of genetic material collected across the Borderlands region and organized by watershed. Over the past three years, we have established and perfected our seed collection, cleaning and storage protocols and a data management system to keep the collection organized. Be a part of this exciting and pioneering work – help us maintain our database and seed collection. Tasks include entering plant collection information onto our database, adding new acquisitions to the seed bank, and managing cleaned seed accessions. You will learn about the habitats and plants of the region.

The ideal person would be detailed-oriented, capable of entering data on our computer in Patagonia for a few hours at a time, able to handle multiple moving pieces in a system with many inputs & outflows, and the ability to follow set protocols yet communicate where improvements could be made. Hours flexible. Training provided. Your help allows BR staff to increase our capacity to grow more plants for restoration. Thank you for your interest!

Contact Caleb (weaver-dot- caleb -at- gmail.com) for more information.

Seeds 2

A cataloged seed packet, ready for storage. Each packet is given a number (2013_0790 in the photo) that can be tracked in our database. You can help us process this information, contributing to science & restoring biological diversity!

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    The mission of Borderlands Restoration is to reconnect wildlife, land, and people in the Arizona/Sonora Borderland region by involving people in restoring the ecosystem on which we depend.

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