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Posted on November 4, 2015 by Allegra Mount in Native Plant Propagation, Press, Reports
Borderlands grows out milkweeds species in support of Monarch caterpillars and butterflies, like this one.

Borderlands grows out milkweeds species in support of Monarch caterpillars and butterflies, like this one.

Borderlands Restoration is featured for its milkweed propagation efforts, practiced in the name of Monarch recovery, in a new report by Make Way for Monarchs titled Monarch Recovery from a  Milkweed’s Point of View: Milkweed Seed Suplly Chains for Monarch Habitat Restoration. An excerpt from the feature:

“Borderlands Restoration does its native milkweed seed collection, propagation, and out planting in restored habitats through a unique L3C structure that is akin to a hybrid profit/non-profit organization…[The BR nursery staff] have successfully propagated sixteen “milkweeds”…When asked what would most help producers meet growing demands for milkweeds, [BR Nursery Manager] Francesca Claverie thoughtfully replied that “Greater networking and communication between both growers as well as consumer/conservation organizations would allow for public education and the right supply of milkweed species to match up to their region an for markets to balance.”

To foster such exchanges, Claverie has helped train both Native American and Mexican individuals interested in the propagation of milkweeds and other native wildflowers. Claverie’s assistant, Andrea Stanley, is of Dine descent, and has presented her experiences with milkweed propagation to other Native Americans involved in the nursery management of native plants.”

Other highlights from the report include:

  • six major ways of protecting and better managing existing milkweed populations
  • ten steps toward designing and managing the milkweed seed supply chain
  • currently-available seed sources and their costs that can be employed to help specific Departments of Transportation access sufficient seed supplies for highway right of way restorations
  • seven substantive groups that are potential sources of foundation seeds for DOTs
  • seven regional areas in US and the milkweed species and targets for those areas

Read more about Monarch recovery efforts and download the full report here.

Report authors include Gary Paul Nabhan, PhD, University of Arizona WS.K. Kellogg Program, Chip Taylor, PhD, University of Kansas/Monarch Watch and Ina Warren, co-facilitator of Make Way for Monarchs. Joan Carstensen Design of Flagstaff Arizona provided the memorable design, and Paul Mirocha of Tucson provided color illustrations.

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