Pre-Spring Plant Sale

Posted on February 23, 2016 by Allegra Mount in Native Plant Propagation

Spring Plant Sale

It’s time to start thinking about planting your spring pollinator garden! To celebrate the warmer temperatures and clear out some space in our nursery, we’re selling select species for $4 for 1-gallon pots. As it gets warmer things are busy here at the nursery – so we are only selling plants for pick-up. If you’re local to Patagonia, or plan on taking a day trip, this is a great chance to fill your garden will pollinator-attracting plants for the spring!

Contact Us to reserve your plants  and receive pick-up instructions.


Mark your calendars: Saturday April 23rd will be our annual Earthfest plant sale at the BR nursery, where we will have a larger variety of plants available.


ON SALE: Salvia penstemonoides, Beardtongue Red Sage

This perennial sage is native to Texas and will bring you beautiful pink blooms in late spring to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. The name is derived from the growth habit of the sage resembling that of a penstemon, will a persisting basal rosette and large flowering stalks with many flowers.

$4 for a 1-gallon plant

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ON SALE: Ratibida columnifera, Mexican Hat flower

This early flowering perennial aster is a great addition to any pollinator garden, attracting butterflies and bees with cylindrical cones of flowers.

$4 for a 1-gallon plant

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