Go for a Hike! A New Trail Opens at the Wildlife Corridor

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Smith Canyon is also the location of the new Wildlife Viewing Trail. The trail was built earlier this spring by the Dirtbaggers, a volunteer crew led by Chris Strohm. It offers two miles of easy walking and great views. The trail is located in a buffer zone that is being re- served for recreational and educa- tional uses. It is open to the public now and offers opportunities for hikers as well as mountain bikes and horse riding. While dogs are not allowed on the trails to preserve the wildlife viewing experience, they are still permit- ted on paved roads owned by Wildlife Corridors as long as they are under owner control. The trail is part of a long-term vision of a network of hiking trails in the area, connecting the Train-Track Trail, maintained by the Mountain Empire Trail Association, and the Arizona Trail with additional trails on the property to create loops on multiple scales. The current trail is located just north of the Wildlife Corridor’s main entrance off Route 82. A new entrance is planned that will provide direct access to recreational opportunities in the near future.

When you arrive at the trailhead, check out the restoration work in progress next to the cul-de-sac. Visit over multiple seasons and watch this area rebound!

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