BECY Celebrates 4 Years of Youth Development

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Allegra Mount in BECY, Reports, Restoration Economy

The Borderlands Earth Care Youth Institute graduated 14 interns this summer between its Patagonia and Douglas, AZ summer institutes. The program is celebrating its 4th year providing summer employment and training opportunities for young people in southeastern Arizona. In the past two years we have seen the program expand to include a school-year Practicum at Patagonia Union High School and a summer institute in Douglas, AZ to compliment the original Patagonia summer institute. You can find updates about this summer’s programming below, and visit our Give to BR page if you would like to contribute to the program.


BECY Patagonia 2016: The Watershed Living Laboratory and Improving Habitat for Wildlife

Interns participating in the BECY Patagonia program once again received a crash course in all aspects of environmental restoration, covering watershed, ecological, and food-systems components. In each 1-2 week segment, they were introduced to and invited to participate in restoration projects that directly benefitted their community. Notable projects included rock work and plantings on the Wildlife Corridors property, completion of a wildlife pond and plantings in the PUHS Watershed Living Laboratory, and Johnson grass removal along Sonoita Creek. For the first time, a graduated BECY 2015 intern returned as a facilitator, providing further professional development opportunities in leadership and ecosystem restoration activities.

The program was made possible by funding from the USDA, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, and ArtPlace, and could not have happened without our great partners at Tucson Audubon Society, Patagonia Union High School, Wildlife Corridors LLC, and many great community members.

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BECY Douglas 2016: Watershed Restoration in the Chiricahua Mountains

BECY Douglas participants continued the work of the 2015 institute by constructing water detention structures – trincheras, zuni bowls, one-rock dams, and more – in the foothills of the Chiricahua mountains. The group also participated in ecological restoration activities by assisting with Sky Island Alliance invasive removal, pond construction, and planting events.

The program was made possible by contributions from the USFS in Douglas.

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Photos by BR and Sky Island Alliance. Also, check out the Sky Island Alliance photo album from their work at Camp Rucker!

Check out the final report on the BECY Douglas program to get more details on the work accomplished.

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