October Workshops: Erosion Control with Cochise County Water Wise

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There are challenges living near mountains and in the high desert areas of Southeast Arizona. A history of land exploitation and misguided land management has resulted in a tremendous loss of topsoil. Coupled with regular periods of drought and flooding, soil erosion and land instability have become normalized in our borderland regions. Once erosion starts, it can unzip the landscape and destroy an ecosystem if left untended. Luckily, there is something to be done to not only stabilize eroding landscapes, but also kick start ecosystem recovery.

Cochise County WaterWise Program and Borderlands Restoration have teamed up to bring you 5 Hands-on Workshops designed to help landowners identify and solve soil erosion problems. With stable lands, boosting ecosystem recovery can be achieved as simply as sowing a few seeds and planting a few plants.

Attend the workshops to learn how to:

  • Identify types of soil erosion
  • Match types of erosion with stabilizing structures
  • Rebuild the ecosystem from the bottom up

Workshops are being held in various locations over several weeks in October. Choose the one closest to you and Pre-Register Today. Registration is $15 per person and enrollment is limited.   Call the Cochise County Extension Office at (520) 458-8278 ext. 2141, or mail the attached registration form to 1140 N Colombo Ave, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635. Make checks payable to University of Arizona.

Questions: Contact Caleb Weaver at weaver.caleb@gmail.com

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