Managed aquifer recharge at the Babocomari Ranch, a study led by USGS & Borderlands Restoration

Posted on February 7, 2017 by Laura Nolier in Babocomari

U.S. Geological Survey is working to investigate the most cost-efficient way to recharge the Sierra Vista sub-basin aquifer using rainwater harvesting in the tributaries of the San Pedro River using low-technology methods. Research is being conducted on the Babacomari Ranch, property of the Brophy family. The Walton Family Foundation (WFF) is supporting our research with partners, Borderlands Restoration (BR), Cuenca los Ojos (CLO), and Lacher Hydrological Consulting, to couple models to predict and closely monitor the impact of water harvesting structures on groundwater recharge.

If you want to read the USGS study, click HERE

If you want to learn more about the The Babocomari River Restoration Project, click HERE

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