Job Announcement: Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute Director

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We have a bold vision:  to create a restoration based economy in the borderlands region of Arizona and Sonora while restoring land and water, training future leaders, and working directly with local communities and land owners to design projects, build knowledge and skills, create new sustainable businesses and jobs. The bi-national commitment reflects the ecology of the sky island region and respects the rich cultures and knowledge on both sides of the border.

Five organizations have come together to form the Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute (BRLI). They include Borderlands Restoration, Cuenca Los Ojos, Wildlife Corridors, Deep Dirt Farm Institute, and Borderlands Habitat Restoration. We collectively have been doing restoration work in the borderlands of Arizona and Sonora for 50 years.  The BRLI founders include a remarkable group of entrepreneurial leaders from academia and from the private sector who have the vision, credibility, and track record to take on this venture.  A significant grant from the Biophilia Foundation gives us the opportunity to plan for and deliver the initial BRLI program.   Over the long term, we believe BRLI can fuel a restoration based economy in our region that both restores our remarkable natural resources and sustains the people who live here.

We are looking for a dynamic leader who is ready to help us implement and grow BRLI. The Director will lead an enterprise which has both a non-profit and social for- profit entity, a single program group of faculty and staff drawn from partner organizations and elsewhere who both do the work and teach the work, an administrative group who support the BRLI program activities, and a development group to expand existing public and private grants, individual and corporate donations, private investments, and, increasingly, earned income. 

All BRLI activities will be guided by an Institute Council which includes representatives from founding partners, future partners, and communities where we work.  The BRLI Director will chair the executive committee of the Council and report to the governing boards.

In 2017, we expect part time faculty of 10-12, as well as approximately 30 staff (including restoration staff, administrative staff, and development support staff). The Institute Director oversees educational programs and also will have two senior staff as direct reports: the Director of Administrative Support Services (hired in the spring of 2017) and the Director of Business Development (hired in 2018).  The education program will include a prototype six week summer course, a series of workshops, and 6-8 internships of varying lengths. We expect students from both Mexico and the US.  The curriculum will focus on four issue areas: Watershed Restoration, Native Plant Materials, Foodshed Restoration, Communities and Building the Restoration Economy.

The ideal candidate for the BRLI Director will have:

  • a strong commitment to the BRLI vision,
  • some history of living or working in the southwest US or Mexico
  • a desire to work in an organizational culture that values: building a diverse workforce, collaboration and partnership, distributed leadership and decision making, supporting employees to learn, grow, and be compensated fairly for their contributions,
  • graduate level training and experience in a discipline relevant to our work,
  • teaching experience including developing curricula, teaching in the classroom and the field, overseeing graduate student research,
  • strong management skills and experience,
  • community development /economic development knowledge and experience,
  • a track record of successfully raising funds,
  • experience working with and for boards of directors,
  • experience working with and facilitating discussions and decisions with diverse communities and groups.

We will negotiate an initial salary and benefit package with the selected candidate.  Salary growth for the Institute Director will be commensurate with program growth.  We strongly encourage applications from candidates of diverse cultural and racial backgrounds. Candidates who are bilingual in Spanish and English are also particularly encouraged.  We hope to have the Institute Director at work in the spring of 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity, please check out, after February 8th, the BRLI website, and then send your resume and cover letter to the Chair of the Hiring Committee, c/o  Please put your name and Institute Director in the subject line.

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