Dr. Mock Park

Collaborative Community Restoration in Patagonia

Workshops like this one will be held at Dr. Mock Park.

In 2013, the Patagonia Tree & Park committee held a series of workshops to support the town’s trees. Workshops like this one will be held at Dr. Mock Park in an effort to continue this work.

Dr. Mock Park is located directly southwest of the Patagonia’s main town park. It is an expanse of mowed grass over degraded soil. It follows the former railroad bed that ran through town and is currently used as a parking lot during special town events. There is great potential to turn this public space into a dynamic habitat covered with trees, and a place where the town’s youth are engaged in landscape restoration.
Project Objectives:
  • increase tree canopy through wise planning.
  • create a management plan for tree pruning, removal and replacement of two trees and the proper use of mulch.
  • advocate for the future of town trees by involving locals citizens, especially youth, in the creation of an ecosystem that will support trees.
Collaborators & Funding:
Borderlands Restoration, along with the Town of Patagonia, Patagonia Union High School, The Nature Conservancy, Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center, and Patagonia Tree & Park Committee received a grant in 2015 from Arizona State Forestry to create habitat in Dr. Mock Park. The Town of Patagonia is also financially supporting the project.
Approved Park Plan:

Doctor “Doc” Mock Park, the grassy and gravely area occupying the Southwestern section of the Town of Patagonia’s central park, will one day be a space that supports the many human and natural communities that converge in Patagonia. Youth and adults, families and singles, able and disabled, local residents and eco-tourists, humans and wildlife alike will all be drawn to the 5-acre central gathering space.

Community will be built from the ground-up, first shaping the earth to soak in surface rainwater runoff. Moist soils will support habitat for the many Patagonian communities. Human and non-human park visitors will be drawn to circulate through the space, learning about the unique cultural and natural history of place. And the space will provide recreation and gathering spaces for all who enter this park, in honor of treasured resident Doctor Delmar Mock.

In order to enhance the social and economic vitality of our community, we propose a multi-use park that includes many interconnected features that create a lush groundwork for activity and enjoyment. Along with harvesting rainwater by reshaping the land and cutting curbs into the sidewalk, over 100,000 gallons of water will be stored underground for use in the park. Native flowering and fruiting trees, along with heritage fruit and nut trees, will be planted near areas that collect rainwater to create a canopy over the park while simultaneously creating a food source for native wildlife and local residents alike. Folks will be able to access the park by utilizing one of the 161 newly designated parking spaces, some of which will be covered by solar panels. A new arched entrance will welcome folks into Doc Mock Park. Once inside, users can meander through the park along raised accessible pathways dotted with informational signage to access ramadas, covered picnic areas with BBQ pits, a dog park, an observation deck, and a play water fountain. The pathways will parallel a constructed stream that flows with clean wastewater effluent from the municipal treatment plant, supporting wetland plant and animal species in the heart of town. An amphitheater with raised seating will allow for outdoor performances in the park. Local youth are galvanized around the idea of building a rainwater harvesting skate park. With the approval of the Master Plan and support from a community of involved citizens, there is little doubt that Doc Mock Park will look very different 5 years in the future.

Latest Press:

Patagonia Union High School Student, Elizabeth McKay reports to the community:

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Master Plan of Doc Mock Park – Concept approved by Mayor and Town Council in January 2016


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