Site Assessment

An erosion structure at the Babocomari Ranch has slowed water and supported biodiversity.

An erosion structure and pollinator plants at the Babocomari Ranch has slowed water and supported biodiversity.

Borderlands Restoration L3C
Landscape Restoration
Site Assessment Packages

Borderlands Restoration L3C offers a full complement of services in the assessment, design, planning and implementation of restoration, permaculture and water harvesting projects on public and private lands. From landscape scale fire planning and woody shrub removal, to large and small scale creek and wetland restoration, upland and arroyo erosion control, commercial and residential scale water harvesting and permaculture projects, we have the expertise and personnel to bring successful projects to fruition.

Erosion structures can rebuild rangelands.

Erosion structures can rebuild rangelands.

Assessment and Preliminary Design Work
The assessment and preliminary design work needed to develop options for a landowner or land manager are important first steps. This work will identify issues and provide potential solutions, listed in a detailed plan that includes: estimated costs, project phasing opportunities, timelines, logistical considerations, and cost/benefit analysis. In addition we can help landowners and managers in the identification of potential funding sources.

Story of Place Consultations: a specialist will read your landscape, whether a backyard or a rangeland – what are the issues degrading the physical environment and habitat: where is water flowing, is there erosion, how can we best support habitat for plants & animals.

Design and Implementation
After the preliminary assessment and design work, and consultation with the landowner a final design will be produced that will achieve the landowner’s goals, all permits will be secured and planning for implementation will commence.

A "rock plug" works to stop a headset from continuing to unravel the landscape.

A “rock plug” works to stop a head cut from continuing to unravel the landscape.

A crew of restoration specialists then can install erosion-control structures, construct wildlife ponds and ramps, conduct native species habitat improvements, invasive species removal, passive rainwater harvesting, plant native gardens, conduct woody plant thinning, and install fenced enclosures and exclosures.


  • Preliminary Site Assessment and Consultation -$250 flat fee  (standard sized project)
  • Assessment and Design -$85/hour (typically $3500 – $7000)
  • Planning and Implementation -$50/hour (typically $2500-$5000)
  • Five Person crew of Restoration Specialists -$1000/day

Representative projects include:

Installing pollinator plants in a restoration setting.

Installing pollinator plants in a restoration setting.

Find out more about our consultants and restoration specialists here.

Building Structures at the Babocomari Ranch

Restoration Specialists Building Structures in the Desert Grasslands.


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    The mission of Borderlands Restoration is to reconnect wildlife, land, and people in the Arizona/Sonora Borderland region by involving people in restoring the ecosystem on which we depend.

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