3 Pillars of Restoration

August 26, 2014

Gazing at the Garden by Molly McCormick

You can find Molly McCormick’s latest piece for the Patagonia Regional Times here.  Scroll down to page 21 for “Gazing at the Garden”.


Pollinator Potluck

  The recent Pollinator Potluck was a celebration and follow up to the popular “Are Pollinator Syndromes Catching?” workshop.   There was a theatrical piece, …

Milkweed Planting and Monarch Discussion at Patagonia Montessori

Francesca Claverie, a Restoration Horticulturist with Borderlands, recently visited the Patagonia Montessori Elementary School for a few hours of education fun.  Francesca led a discussion …

The Hard Work Pays Off! Borderland’s Rock Crew

  The Rock Crew has been hard at work this summer, and they’re proud of it. They built erosion structures at 2 sites: stacking rocks …

Design Your Own Pollinator Garden

The latest of the Workshops in the Garden was a big hit.  Thank you to Kate Tirion for hosting this informative event on August 2 …